Friday, 6 February 2009

Double Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

This is a very special pudding and ideal for dinner parties. It's also lovely cold.

Make it the day before you need it to allow the chocolate sauce to soak into the bread.


  • 175g dark chocolate

  • 65g butter

  • 450ml single cream

  • 50ml brandy or rum

  • 125g caster sugar

  • 1/2 tsp powdered cinnamon

  • 10 large slices of white bread, crusts removed

  • 3 large eggs

  • 50g dark chocolate chips (try white chocolate chips for a lovely speckled look)

  • double cream for pouring over when served


  1. Put the chocolate, butter, cream, rum, sugar and cinnamon in a bowl over a saucepan with water in and gently heat the water. Don't be tempted to stir it until it looks very melted.

  2. While it's melting cut each slice of bread into 4 pieces by cutting from corner to corner.

  3. Mix the sauce well and then break in the 3 eggs and stir well again.

  4. Grease a deep ovenproof dish and then spoon in a couple of spoons of the chocolate sauce over the bottom.

  5. Add a layer of half the bread, sprinkle on half the chocolate chips and add half the remaining sauce all over the bread.

  6. Then using the last of the bread put another layer over bread, chocolate chips and then sauce over the top.

  7. Leave to rest in the fridge for at least a couple of hours, but it's best over night.

  8. Cook in an oven at 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes until the top looks nice and crispy but still a bit moist. Serve with the cold cream.

Serves 4.

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