Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Creamy Quick Fondue

This is a really quick and easy fondue to make. It uses milk instead of the usual alcohol and so comes out very creamy.


  • 75ml milk

  • 10g butter

  • 1 tbsp plain flour

  • 1 tsp mustard powder

  • 75g cheddar cheese, finely grated

  • 12 rough oatcakes


  1. Put the milk and butter in a saucepan.

  2. Carefully sprinkle the flour and mustard powder over the milk and butter.

  3. Heat the milk, butter and flour gently until the butter has melted and all the flour has dissolved. You will need to stir this constantly to stop lumps forming while it heats up.

  4. Once it starts to simmer, turn the heat down as low as it can go and leave it simmering for 10 minutes. Stir it every minute.

  5. Mix in the cheddar cheese and stir it until it's all melted in. Increase the heat a little if you want to speed up the melting of the cheese.

  6. Pour and spoon the cheese mixture into a bowl and serve with the oatcakes.

Serves 2. This recipe scales up really easily, just increase the quantities.
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